eSOAR Update: Friday Evening

We’re at the one week mark since the eSOAR switch was flipped. We’ve made excellent progress and are much further along toward our goal of full utilization. It’s a top organizational priority to invest in technology to improve clinical quality and the patient experience. Here’s an update of where we are now:

  • The eSOAR Financial system had a glitch this morning, caused by the data center in Pennsylvania and affecting KSB and a few other Siemens systems. The service has been restored. 
  • Navigation and usage on OB has become more efficient and more reliable. The physicians continue to make strides toward full implementation. 
  • The printed schedules in Surgery are now configured correctly and provide an easily readable format. Patients are not being delayed and procedures are moving smoothly.
  • A Training Session is scheduled for Tuesday for Directors to resolve daily charge errors in eSOAR.
  • Linda Clemen is working on building and categorizing order sets to allow further efficiencies and promote safety. 
  • Some physician education resources and tutorials have been written and will be sent out as soon as they’ve been reviewed. 
  • IS Techs are increasing the resolution setting on the scanners, which will improve the image quality and legibility. 
  • Approximately 25% of the 2 million patient records have been imported into the new EDM. The import process is ongoing. 
  • We’ll have support and tech staff throughout the weekend, ready to assist with any issues that may arise. 
Thanks for all your hard work. I know many of you have spent quite a few hours here this week. Your work has brought significant progress–thanks for everything you do!
– Dave
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