eSOAR Update: Monday Evening

Welcome to week two of eSOAR. While we’re still working on a smooth and effective deployment of eSOAR, you’re probably getting used to the new screens and the new workflow, and hopefully that’s helping to promote better quality and satisfaction. Here are today’s updates from the eSOAR daily meeting:

  • We’re working on processes for the ED to handle electronic orders and registration for patients before they’ve been assigned a physician. 
  • Barb Stockton and the Medical Staff Services department are preparing for notifying other departments when a new physician is added. 
  • Laboratory and other departments are working on very detailed issues to tweak and improve processes and workflow. We’re really making progress on a wide range of detailed requests. 
  • IS Staff remains on-call for tech support and assistance. 
Thank you for your continued hard work, and thanks for making KSB Hospital the community’s first choice for health services.
– Dave
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