eSOAR Update: Thursday Evening

We met again this afternoon with leaders from across the organization to discuss the progress we’re making on the eSOAR Clinical and eSOAR Financial system implementation. And again we heard a lot of reassuring news and good indications. Here’s an update:
  • The Laboratory system is back up and running, having resolved the major issues that kept it off yesterday and this morning. Thanks to everyone who worked together to bring this important piece back online!
  • Technical communications and tutorials are being prepared for physicians and office staff on specific features and tasks within eSOAR. Tim is working to discern ECD Numbers vs. Encounter Numbers. Deb, Trinette, and Linda are working to define Transfers vs. Transitions. And we’re getting a status update on what has been successfully imported from ELMER to the eSOAR EDM. The Medical Staff office will communicate these technical details to physicians via email.
  • I visited several clinics today, and Kevin and Julie also went out to see our teams working at locations off the main campus site. I’m impressed by the teamwork and dedication of all the clinic staff! It was great to see everyone and show support for the outstanding job they’re doing.
  • The ED Tracking Board is working well now, and all the necessary information is being displayed correctly. Thanks to the IS folks for resolving that issue.
  • Trinette Decker reported that in Registration, “the lines are much shorter and overall we’re doing really well.” Keep up the great work!
  • We’re working to improve patient safety in medication orders, so the Pharmacy requires that physicians specify exact quantities of medications in the order. Range orders of “one to two” are not acceptable. The Pharmacy system is fully operational, and we’re using it to reduce errors and improve quality.
  • Deb reported that the Financial division is now working to ensure proper charges are flowing in to the system from the eSOAR Clinical side. They’re also creating new reports to track various indicators.
We’re really making some exciting progress with eSOAR. Thanks to everyone for your continued hard work and determination!
– Dave
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