eSOAR Update: Wednesday Evening

The eSOAR Steering Committee met again this afternoon for a daily status update and group conversation. We’re still working together toward our goal of using technology to improve clinical quality and enhance the patient experience. Here’s a snapshot of our progress:

  • In Pharmacy, it’s all systems go. The various software systems are interfaced and talking to each other, and eSOAR is running smoothly.
  • A few issues persist in Laboratory, but we’re developing solutions and testing their viability. We’ll be resolving issues with lab orders and registrations soon.
  • Nursing is making great progress toward customization of eSOAR to realize efficiencies. We’re looking at custom order sets and prioritizing the build schedules. We’ll implement standing order sets that will enable prompt patient care without having to make 2 a.m. phone calls to physicians. This is a great example of the efficiency and improvement for patients and staff. Physicians can pre-set orders that can be activated later if they’re needed.
  • Jill Scheffler reported, “Today was a great day in day surgery.” And she shared a funny and pretty accurate analogy: “We’re in day four of post-op recovery from eSOAR. The pain and soreness are wearing off, and we’re starting to move around on our own more.” Leave it to a nurse to find that comparison!
  • Look no further than the ED for an example of a great implementation and powerful system utilization. Congratulations to the ED staff for your hard work and significant progress with eSOAR!
  • Help desk requests are becoming more advanced and more specific. Many general issues have been resolved, and we’re moving on toward increased customization and special requests.
  • The eSOAR Financial system saw downtime this morning as a round of system maintenance increased our user capacity and allowed for more traffic.
  • We’re still working on some radiology reports and the links between certain reports and the associated orders. The reports exist in some areas of the software, but need further linkage to make them accessible throughout.
  • Dr. Appenheimer and I will be taking a road trip in the morning to visit the clinics and show our support for all the hardworking registration staff and clinical teams who are working hard. We’re also increasing the support staff assigned to clinic registration to help smooth operations there.
  • We still have a strong financial position. Deb Didier and the financial division have worked hard to build up our days cash on hand to 130, to provide a financial cushion while we work to implement the new system.
  • Support staff from Siemens, the Quammen Group, and our own “green shirts” will be on site for weeks. Although it seems like it has been a long time since Go Live, we’re only on day five. You can be confident that we’ll keep the right support in the right place until we’re comfortable and efficient with the new system.
Thanks for all you do to serve our patients every day!
– Dave
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