eSOAR Update: Tuesday Evening

It’s been a pretty exciting week at KSB. We’re working together on the biggest upgrade of information technology in our organization’s history. We have hundreds of employees working around the clock to continue providing the excellent patient care our community has come to expect while also implementing the new software system. I’m more encouraged every day by the great progress we’re making.
There’s a lot to take in, and your department is probably working on some specific issues, but here’s a more manageable recap:
  • The eSOAR Steering Committee is meeting daily to share updates on the roll out of various features and functions across the organization. This helps us communicate interdepartmental issues and gives us some context for what’s happening with our neighbors. It’s incredible to see the team at work, discussing every detail to make the process as efficient as possible.
  • We’ve made significant progress with resolving issues and glitches that had been reported during the initial rollout. The network congestion problem from Monday morning has been fixed, and you’re enjoying much better network speeds now.
  • Remember, keep doing what you’ve been doing in areas not involving eSOAR. We’re still using Quality Improvement Reports on The OC. Clinical quality, patient safety, and an outstanding patient experience are always the top priorities.
  • When you’re calling the help desk to report an issue, be as specific as possible. Give the name of the patient you’re working with so the technicians can dive in and look for specific clues about the issue. This helps us identify and resolve issues quickly and effectively.
  • Too many times to count, I’ve heard stories about employees showing patience and professionalism even as stress levels rose. Your commitment to our patients is remarkable, and it’s what makes KSB the community’s first choice for healthcare.
  • For a sense of scale, the new EDM (electronic document management) system is being loaded with our existing digital patient records from ELMER. We have nearly 2 million patient records in the system! That’s a whole forest worth of paper you helped save.
  • We have some issues left to resolve, but I’m confident we have the right team in place to make eSOAR a reliable and valuable tool in delivering excellent patient care.
Thanks for all you do for our patients and for your fellow KSB teammates!
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