From Don Lewis, MD

I received this note from Dr. Lewis and wish to pass it along to all of you. THIS is physician leadership!

– Dave


Thanks you all for all the hours of frustrating work you are putting in. This is one time, no doubt one of many, where you folks are the “Champs”, not the doctors. We will all probably want to thank you when we are further along on the process, although many may be too sheepish to say so.

You are taking us from”meaningful use” in the arcane and abstract, into a real contribution towards making us a better healthcare community.

So just know that there are some of us, perhaps more than I know, who appreciate your sacrifices this weekend, and in the weeks to come.

In the Navy, we would run up the mast two signal flags: BRAVO and ZULU. 

Bravo Zulu means well done!

Carry On!
Doctor Lewis

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