Lessons Learned… or at least Re-Discovered

Here are some disconnected ramblings from a slightly-tired CEO on Sunday morning.  Let’s call them “lessons learned… or at least re-discovered.”
  • Taking a hospital live on a new clinical system and a new financial system is not rocket science.  It’s much more complicated than that.
  •  KSB’s third shift staff are absolute rock stars.  Calm, playful, and most importantly, willing to jump over any hurdle to take care of our patients.
  • Our physicians are working incredibly hard to remain patient and take care of the patient.  The quality and strength of the KSB Medical Group built by Kevin Marx continues to be KSB’s competitive advantage.
  • Our eSOAR efforts in the ED are probably trailing the rest of the launch to a small degree.  Our Emergency Department staff have succeeded in spite of some technical glitches, and the patient ALWAYS gets taken care of.
  • Your leadership team of VP’s and Directors is simply the best on the planet.  In spite of being here more than anyone ever deserves to be here they are still smiling and doing whatever it takes and I absolutely love them.
  • The people from Quammen Consulting and Siemens succeed under a considerable level of stress and simply get things done because they refuse to allow things to be broken.  Becky Quammen might be the most talented big-picture leader I’ve ever worked with.  She makes the invisible visible.
  • KSB’s IT Team, led by Dave Ginn, are just flat-out getting it done.  I’m incredibly proud of Dave’s work over the last few days.
  • Becky Quammen told me that Linda Clemen is simply the best CNO she has ever worked with during a go-live.  No argument from me.  Organized, personable, patient-centered.  Linda is the whole package and we’re blessed to have her.
Stay tuned for updates throughout the next few days as we continue to support our in-house operations and gear up for the second go-live… our launch of eSOAR in our physician clinics… on Monday morning.
Thanks for all you do!
– Dave
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