Reconnecting to Our Purpose

On Friday, the leadership team held an all-day retreat to discuss and develop skills for transformational leadership during times of organizational change. We talked about stress management; we saw an update of 5 Why and root cause analysis; we reviewed the results from a safety survey; and we talked about eSOAR and the upcoming budget process.

But we started the day with the most important message of all: it’s the people.
Dr. Joe Welty kicked things off for us with a story from his own residency graduation dinner thirty years ago. He said one graduation speaker bemoaned the change of that era: the shift to DRGs, the healthcare delivery changes that he projected would be the end of medicine as we know it. 

But then a second speaker reminded Dr. Welty and his fellow new graduates that despite regulatory, financial, or technology changes, no one could ever take away that personal connection with patients in an exam room or at a bedside. That it’s the people who make healthcare a special and rewarding career. 

Then we had a video chat with Carl Maronich, our former marketing director, to hear about how he came up with the memorable slogan “It’s the people…”
Carl said the conversation that led to the slogan acknowledged that from hospital to hospital you find similar buildings, the same equipment, comparable facilities, and similar approaches to care. But when you ask yourself what makes KSB special, among all the other hospitals in the area, it’s the people.
Carl also said something interesting, he said, “Sometimes you create a new tag line and then work to change your culture to match that. But ‘It’s the people…’ was a perfect fit for KSB because the culture was already there to support it. We just gave it a name.”
That culture is still here at KSB. We see examples of it every day. But sometimes it’s good to remember our motivation and reconnect to our purpose.
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