Making Progress…

Several things seemed to come together in close proximity today.  Early this morning I watched Dr. Raven lead some of her colleagues through clinical charts in eSOAR.  The newest member of KSB’s leadership team, Pharmacy Director Rob Baker, participated in the discussion.  Several members of KSB’s IT team were at the event as well.
After that I had the chance to walk past our Registration area at Commerce Towers.  I saw something closer to a normalized experience for our patients as they enjoyed little to no waiting in line and a total registration experience of less than two minutes for the short period of time I observed.
I visited the link in the left margin of The OC and clicked on “eSOAR Teamwork Project  Manager” and saw no less than fifteen items marked completed…. TODAY!  These were your ideas and suggestions that were implemented.
Don’t mistake my concept here:  we have an enormous amount of work left to do.  As I stated at the Employee Forums, none of us are pleased with where we are or the pace of progress.  
We will continue to get better faster.
I would like to close with a quote that Dr. Raven posted on this site on May 15th … before we took the plunge into eSOAR.
“The record itself is changing. Paper didn’t talk back… Computers try
to assist… But slow us down. Hopefully after the eSOAR transition and
integration… We may become better documenters and communicators with
each other. We really have to remember though, that a living person is
depending on us for care. And though they would be shocked if we didn’t
use a stethoscope or if we didn’t catch the allergy in the record, our
ability to listen and teach patients how to improve their health is the
main reason they come to us.”
Let’s keep getting better every day.  Our patients deserve it.
– Dave 
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