Passing Along Compliments on a Job Well Done!!!

It’s wonderful to receive a kind note from a patient and then have them agree to allow me to share it with all of you… the ones that make it happen.

Here you go.  Congratulations and Thank You!!!


     I always try to make it a practice to commend
individuals when I perceive they have done a good job.  In our society it
seems everyone is quick to criticize but are not so quick to
acknowledge the things that are done well.  I have had to utilize the
services of Dr. Stone & Dr. Sachdev as well as the KSB outpatient and
inpatient surgery facilities this year and I just wanted to share with you my
satisfaction with the care provided by all those involved.  I have been a
patient of Dr. Stone for approximately 20 years and have always been extremely
satisfied with the care she and her nurses have provided me.  I just
became a patient of Dr. Sachdev this year and I have been
equally satisfied with the services provided by her and her nurses. 
The friendliness, courtesy, care and professionalism provided by all of
the doctors and nurses during my outpatient procedure as well as my
inpatient stay exceeded my expectations.  Every individual that I have had
contact with throughout this journey, from intake individuals to dietary
workers to housekeepers, etc., truly seemed to understand customer service,
which seems to be  a rare thing in our present society.  This
community is extremely blessed to have such a fine healthcare system.  It
is impossible for me to remember each individual’s name that was involved in my
care but hopefully, in some way, you will be able to express my gratitude to
the various departments.  Thank you.

An extremely gratified patient,

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