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If you work with eSOAR, chances are you’ll make a new acquaintance in the next few weeks. Rufino Sanchez comes to us via the Quammen Group to provide expertise and leadership of our ongoing eSOAR implementation project.

Rufino brings with him 23 years of experience in the health information technology industry. He’s worked at Siemens in a variety of positons, including programmer, system engineer, and analyst, before spending the last 17 years in leadership. Rufino recently joined the Quammen Group and has been assigned to KSB Hospital. He’ll be on site Monday through Thursday every week, and will join Dave Ginn in IS leadership.
Rufino was born and raised in New York City and is a big Yankees fan. He now lives in Philadelphia and Florida–when he’s not traveling for work, that is.
His transition from the dense population of New York, Philadelphia, and Florida to the peace and quiet of Dixon is quite a change for him. Rufino said he’s sampling local restaurants and is interested in finding a pick-up basketball game at the YMCA.
I asked Rufino what he first noticed about KSB and he said, “The people here are so passionate about their work. And everyone has been very friendly.”
Rufino and Dave will work together in IS leadership. Rufino’s expertise and experience on past Siemens implementations make him an ideal eSOAR project leader. Dave’s in-depth knowledge of our network and computer hardware will help make them an effective team.
Rufino described his role like this, “I’ve seen other implementation projects and can bring some recommended practices to help KSB benefit from the power and efficiency of eSOAR.”
Dave Ginn said, “Rufino has a wealth of experience and tremendous knowledge of Siemens’ products. I look forward to working with him and our system champions to make eSOAR the best system it can be.”
You can contact Rufino through the IS main line at x1164, and he’ll soon have a @ksbhospital.com email address too.
If you see Rufino in the hallway or in a meeting, say hello and welcome him to Dixon and to the KSB Hospital team!
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