KSB & YMCA Partnership Adds Employee Benefits

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KSB Hospital and the Dixon Family YMCA are preparing to publicly announce a new partnership to promote community wellness and support healthy lifestyles.

New products from the partnership will be unveiled at an Open House at the Dixon Family YMCA on Tuesday, September 3 at 4:30 p.m. Drop by that afternoon for activities, giveaways, tours, and a very exciting announcement.

The partnership also adds to employee benefits for all of us at KSB. You may know that currently, KSB employees get a 10% discount for YMCA memberships. Starting in September, all employees will receive a 15% discount on single or family memberships.

Additionally, we’ll give up to $1,000 in vouchers to employees who consistently use the YMCA for exercise and wellness. If you go to the YMCA at least 12 times in a month, you’ll get a $25 voucher to use toward a premium class or a personal trainer’s fee.

If you’re not currently a member, you can sign up for a new membership and take advantage of the 15% discount. And for the first five people to sign up for a new membership, your first month is free!

At KSB, part of our mission is to enhance the health of our community. We know that partnerships with strong community organizations like the YMCA will help us accomplish that.

4 Comments on “KSB & YMCA Partnership Adds Employee Benefits”

  1. When i first started at KSB my family did join but our hours as a family and the stuff the Y offered didnt appeal to us so what can KSB do for us employees that are doing a heathly /fitness thing somewhere else or on our own?

  2. Dave,
    I've been teaching at the YMCA for many years (I won't tell you how many) and I have seen so many wonderful changes over the years. I think most people could find something fun to do at most hours of the day. Especially those awesome fitness classes that are free for members-find one you like and keep coming back for more! It's also nice to meet new people in the wellness center when someone new starts to walk on the tredmill next to yours. I've gained many new friends that way and hey they know I work at KSB šŸ™‚ I think any place you choose, you need to make the most of it. You get out of it what you put into it!

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