Using data to guide decisions

Here are some more thoughts from the conference: 

What if we had the ability to reduce variance in our
organization?  Would quality
improve?  Patient Satisfaction?  Employee Engagement?
Our goal is to be the best place for physicians to
practice medicine, employees to work, and patients to receive care.
Would we move closer if we reduced variance and learned
from best practices within our walls as well as the practices of the best in
the country?
You are going to hear more about iVantage, COMPDATA and
White Cloud Analytics.  You are going to
see work by Tim Broos that drills down into data and provides our senior
leaders with real-time information we can then share with our physicians and
In order to eliminate variance we have to find it.  I’m pushing hard to increase the tools
available to us to help us get better faster. 
I want to know what the best practices nationwide are and how we measure
up.  Only by having better data can we
have better results.
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