Why do we change?

I’m updating The Pulse with a few more thoughts from the Studer conference: 

The goal in healthcare is to improve quality and reduce
cost.  Any argument?  Does it ever frustrate you that I have a never ending list of new ideas, new programs, new “things”?  Why do I do that?
Because if we stay the same we perish. 
If we think differently we have a chance.  If we see the same situation and act
differently, thereby increasing quality and decreasing cost, then we have a
Pavelka Consulting forces us to look at the same
situation and act differently.  Call it
Lean, Six Sigma, Shared Governance.  I
don’t think it matters what we call it. 
What we need to do is put our employees in a position to do meaningful
work that is patient and physician centered.
Call it what you want. 
What are you doing to increase quality and decrease costs?  Let us ask more questions, get better data,
and listen with a higher intensity to our customers.
If we do that maybe it’s not important what we call it.
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