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Remember when you were a kid playing football in the back yard?  Did you want to be playing offense or defense?  You wanted to be on offense.  You threw touchdowns, you practiced your touchdown dance, you got a smile from the little girl that lived down the street you had a crush on… life was good.
Offense is fun.  Defense is hard work.
The same goes for business.  Growing the depth and breadth of the services we offer is fun (offense).  Cutting expenses is hard work (defense).
Here is my challenge to you:  What should KSB be doing to play offense that is not happening today?  What services could we do that are profitable and consistent with our mission?
Here’s a hint:  THINK BIG!
Turn in your ideas (you can submit as many as you like) and I along with a secret, stealth team of profit commandos will sort through all of the ideas submitted and pick out a winner.  That person will receive a $20 gift certificate to BombDigity Bar & Grill. All entries must be submitted by midnight on October 31.
There you go.  Go score a touchdown.
– Dave
  • Christinamercy
    Posted at 15:31h, 17 October Reply

    You should be offering a diet like now care or piller chiro.
    People need more than a dietitian they need the extra help a coach to keep them motivated.

  • Carol Bearman
    Posted at 16:06h, 17 October Reply

    I would suggest the possibility of patients having an opportunity to obtain access to their own medical records via a purchased pin number, once we have availability to that software. Currently KSB is charging patients 49 cents per page, for them to come in and sign an authorization to obtain their records. This often involves much compromise on the patient's part to limit the cost. It also costs KSB valuable resources to complete many 49 cent transactions throught out a day. With a "subscription" to their files, patients will feel more in control of their healthcare, and KSB ROI department will be freed up to process more lucrative requests from attorneys and insurance companies, for quicker reimbursement. I see this as a win for all parties involved. I think patients would be thrilled to pay a yearly fee for open access to their documentation, instead of trudging in weekly to pay their 49 cents. And KSB will benefit by not wasting resources, yet collect necessary funds for maintaining the electronic access.

  • Andrea Cook
    Posted at 16:32h, 18 October Reply

    Dave & Secret, Stealth Profit Commandos:

    My offense suggestion would be to have all management personnel pull and review their contractual agreements with their various venders. Next have each person phone the vendor and politely explain we have been asked to cut our budget by 25% and are hoping they would be willing to work with KSB at lowering the cost for services rendered. I personally have used this approach twice in the past couple of weeks and it totally worked. By simply being honest and explaining KSB’s position (to Arbor & Associates and the vendor I ordered our Auxiliary Christmas gifts from) I was able to obtain a significant savings for KSB! That easy! I am finding that the vendors appreciate our business and are willing to work with us to keep it! I think it's worth a try! Remember….it doesn't hurt to ask!

  • Jason Brusky
    Posted at 19:15h, 21 October Reply

    A Nurse Practioner run Heart Failure Clinic would generate revenue in billable visits and scheduled tests and would save money with reducing hospitalizations/ readmissions. It would also increase our heart failure patients with being health, happy, and here.

  • Kayla Gaffey
    Posted at 07:18h, 22 October Reply

    We should be doing more with health promotion and prevention. Anything that will improve the knowledge of patients, families, and staff to keep them healthy. An exact idea? Maybe a mobile clinic to different areas of our service area to cut down on ER visits and to educate. Maybe we could get a grant for that to get it started. Maybe stretching videos in the waiting rooms for decreased stressful wait times and kids would maybe join their parents possibly encouraging lifelong destressing maneuvers (improving BP, stress management for a lifetime). Other waiting room ideas to educate patients while they wait? Maybe a vocabulary game so they will be able to understand the MD better? This one would be fairly simple and CHEAP! But the information would be powerful! 🙂

  • Kayla Gaffey
    Posted at 07:31h, 22 October Reply

    Ok more ideas for the waiting rooms and education: a computer for searching for items and what they are used for, put in proper sequence of events for start-end of a surgery from the minute they walk in the door to the driver they need to get them home, and any interactive game for them to practice shopping for healthy foods-they get $10 to spend for a meal and it needs to contain all food groups. We are in a world of technology and we could utilize it here.

    Posted at 07:47h, 24 October Reply

    Dave think big you say ok hows this we know already we are giveing great care lets gobble up rochelle and morrison hospitals and spread our good work to those areas, and we really must look at aramark contract, other places that i have worked for with them they have never stayed this long granted we have had major improvements but the time is coming to maybe cut them lose and allow the highly train people we have here take a chance

    Posted at 08:16h, 24 October Reply

    cause i would like to see us as the leader of the largest non-profit chain of hospitals in the sauk valley

  • Randy Clark
    Posted at 13:26h, 24 October Reply

    My mother has been treating with Dr. Alikhan. When she leaves her appointment they hand her an appointment reminder for her next visit that is printed on an adhesive backed 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" label. You can pull this label off and stick it to a calendar. I have heard my mother and several others comment on how handy this little item is. It is also nice, since she gets treatment every three weeks, you can just pull off the old sticker and put on the new one.

  • Sue Stephenitch
    Posted at 17:48h, 24 October Reply

    I have previously emailed an article to you regarding a hospital that increased revenue with an outpatient wound clinic. It would at least be worth a look to see if our patient numbers would support such a clinic.

  • Kathy Spong
    Posted at 16:48h, 25 October Reply

    Here is my THINKING BIG and out of the box. KSB is promoting healthy living and wellness, but a big part of health and wellness is mental health. Since Dixon is a rural community, surrounded by other rural areas, inpatient and out patient mental health care is very difficult to obtain. I would love to see a building that is used strictly for that. So many of our mental resources are difficult to get into, that when someone is in need and/or ready for help they can't get a timely appointment or the inpatient care they need. I would love to see a facility that has one area for mental health, an area for drug/alcohol inpatient- and also have outpatient services as well for drug/alcohol counseling, mental health counseling and classes.Maybe KSB could partner with Sinnissippi. Transportation is getting to be a big problem for patients and it is difficult for people to get to the Rockford and Chicago areas. It's just an idea…

  • Danielle Olalde
    Posted at 13:36h, 29 October Reply

    With today’s technology, when we transfer patients to other facilities (i.e. NH, other hospitals, prison) every one of those facilities has a computer. Instead of making a “packet” of papers to send with the patient on transfer, we could place all of these documents on a CD/DVD, or even email, since CD/DVDs are inexpensive. I don’t know what the policy is for emailing or CD/DVD. Just a suggestion

  • Janet Becker
    Posted at 17:23h, 31 October Reply

    As a float receptionist I see a need for a walk in clinic to serve the population that can't take off work during our 9-5 schedules. Several people do not have a family Dr. The need is still present. I often hear potential patients being told of other walk in clinics in the service area and other out reaching places most of the time a call to prompt care is never made. I would like to see KSB be the number #1 service provider and and the KSB team of employees being knowledgeaable of the services offered by each medical sight. By continuely updating the information so new employees also know the info.

    Can we offer more programs similar to the program that is offered with Ortho. Where the patient has an advocate from the start to the finish of the process; getting them into other programs as needed. If we had a team approach instead of being individual offices offering services. Try to coordinate services for all the offices that they need to be seen by. Similar to a visit to the Mayo clinic.

    Also what if we got into non invasive surgery. I see several people going to QC or Rockford for surgery because of the short time they are off work; 3 weeks for a co worker with hip surgery.

    If we could have options to offer people so that we retain healthcare dollars when they are sick and need to be seen.

    Offer the drive up shots instead of people going to their local pharmacies.

    Bariatric surgery Department and follow up with the many services that go with the surgery; labs, dietician, specialty exercise rehab program as well as nutrition supplements.

    I am looking forward to the new possiabilities KSB will offer.

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