4 Comments on “Honk If You Love Someone”

  1. Thanks for sharing…What a great idea to cheer people up. It put a smile on my face…Honk, Honk!!

  2. Wow, I love this. Everyone should take a few minutes to listen and watch this video; it's inspiring and we can make a difference one person at at time. Attitude really is a choice isn't it? Thanks for sharing Mike.

  3. This video is awesome. Let's all realize that we need to have this positive thought process in our daily life. It would brighten my day to encounter this on my commute. Cannot imagine how many people he helped to see past the negative. Lets put this on the KSB digital sign and see how many honks we get.

  4. I love Bert's idea to put some of these messages on our sign. What a wonderful, positive way to brighten someones day.

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