How Does KSB Inflict Pain? Your Feedback Requested

I recently attended an educational session that forced me to think about how I could apply the lessons learned to KSB.
The body of the presentation suggested that consumers (I know some of you hate it when we call patients consumers, however as health plans change they certainly are buyers of services) make decisions when we understand their pain points.  As providers our job is to diagnose their pain and provide solutions.
I ask you to think of diagnosis in a different way than a medical diagnosis.  We may be creating a pain point with delayed waits, dirty rooms, bad food, poor billing practices, etc., etc., etc.,.  The answer might be different for any patient.
The speaker suggested that we develop the best three questions to identify our patient’s pain.
If we were to write a book as to why someone would choose KSB, what would the tile of the three chapters be?  There should be only three, more leaves a confused message. What are the three things KSB does best and differently from our competitors.
So two questions for you:
What are the top three claims that cause our customers pain? 

What are the top three things that KSB does best?
I look forward to your feedback.
– Dave
  • Kathy Schafer
    Posted at 14:43h, 21 November Reply


    My three top pain areas are:

    1)Third party billing staff are rude and uninformed.
    2)Lack of coordination between offices and hospital
    3)Slow turn-around to inform patients about test results and schedule appointments

    Our Best shines:
    1)Friendly and helpful staff
    2)Accommodate our patients requests to the best of our ability
    3)Keep abreast with the current trends in healthcare and initiate as many as possible.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 15:36h, 21 November Reply

    My top three pains are:

    1. Same as Kathy's No. 1.
    2. The bills are not clear what the charges are for and very difficult to understand. It must be awfully confusing for the elderly patients especially.
    3. The difficulty with Esoar!

    What KSB does best:

    1. Advertising is great making people aware of new doctors, our capabilities and awards.
    2. Friendly staff.
    3. KSB does a good job donating and getting our name out in the community as well.

  • Sandy Dennis
    Posted at 17:33h, 22 November Reply

    Painful items for me are:
    -bills for service that are difficult to decipher what the services are(even for a healthcare professional)
    -bills that come more than a month after service
    -separate bills from Hospital & provider(s)

    What we do exceptionally well:
    -friendly and knowledgeable staff
    -excellent providers
    -community outreach

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