Q&A for the Employee Meetings

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It’s that time of year again! Next week we’ll gather at the Dixon Theater for the annual Employee Meetings. As we always do, we’ll answer your questions at the end of the meeting.

Ask a question in the Comments section below and we’ll answer it at the meetings or in a follow-up post on The Pulse.

It’s that simple: What do you want to know?

4 Comments on “Q&A for the Employee Meetings”

  1. What is the status re: a prompt care type office (like NowCare?) Rumor has it that a partnership with another organization is a possibilty.If so, what happens to corporate health ?

  2. i was reading one of the trade journal here in the hospital and it says that other hospitals are experiencing a call off of the normal test and x-rays that would have been paid for by the people but now they move them to the 1st of the year because of obamacare insurance, have we notice this here at KSB and heres there a diffrent in how much we get paid from this year compare to next year

  3. What is the future of The Quammen Group with KSB Hospital? Are they going to be a lasting part of the Information Systems Department? Also, will there ever be a CIO/CTO position at KSB Hospital?

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