Christmas at the Movies…. KSB Style!

A Christmas
tradition at the Schreiner house is to go to a movie, so I thought my
reflection this week would take on that theme, but with a KSB twist.
“The Wolf of Wall Street”
Is KSB Hospital a
Buy, Hold or Sell?  Leonardo DiCaprio
evaluates all of the headwinds pushing on the healthcare industry, and finds a
diamond in the rough in Dixon, Illinois. 
Investing heavily in the greatest community hospital in the country, he
makes millions in the markets betting on KSB.
“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”
Ben Stiller stars
as KSB’s Dave Schreiner, a testimonial to how someone with limited
intelligence, no talent and a receding hairline that disappeared in the early
90’s can survive in the dog-eat-dog hospital industry.
“Grudge Match”
Robert DeNiro as
Dr. Tim Appenheimer and Sylvester Stallone as Kevin Marx.  This comedy looks at aging hospital
administrators as they try to relive the glory days of the ‘80’s by scheduling
unlimited tests on patients and scheduling board retreats in exotic locations.
“47 Ronin”
Keanu Reeves stars
as Linda Clemen in this 18th century samurai tale about the mystical
powers of lean processes and six sigma.
“Justin Bieber’s Believe”
Julie Mann and Deb
Didier play Bieber Believers in this 3-D lovefest of the Canadian rock legend
and his concert on the Dixon Riverfront.
There you have it. 
Choose wisely and enjoy the movies!  And Merry Christmas to all!!!
– Dave
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