How To Be A Superhero

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Never underestimate the difference you make.

There is a video about to go viral produced by the son of Jessica Nutt, Administrative Assistant to Kevin Marx.  You can see it here.
After watching the video I bought breakfast for the car behind me at McDonald’s this morning.  It cost me a whopping $2.05.
I have tremendous optimism about the future of our community.  This optimism is reinforced every time I see something like this video or have the opportunity to teach a Junior Achievement class at Dixon High School.  There are truly amazing young adults out there in every school KSB Hospital serves.
Take a few minutes to watch this video, and then go make a difference.  Is there a superhero in you?
– Dave 

Note:  There is one instance of offensive language contained in the video.

4 Comments on “How To Be A Superhero”

  1. This video is proof people should never underestimate the power of a smile, high-five, heart felt compliment or act of charity no matter how small. This type of pay it forward attitude is contagious and will hopefully go viral.

  2. We all can get something from this video…. random acts of kindness; what a great way to brighten someones day and also your own ! Great job boys and CONGRATULATIONS Jessica …you should be proud !

  3. Sheila Brune
    I first saw this video on Facebook and did not pay any attention to where it was produced. I was delighted to read the newpaper story about these 2 superheros and learn that it is right here in our town! Awesome and yes–all of these parents must be super proud!

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