Special Project: Birthday Letters to our former Chaplain

I received this letter recently and thought it was a one-of-a-kind opportunity. Rev. Dale Luther was chaplain here at KSB from 1990-1996. For his 82nd birthday, his wife had a great idea. It’s touching to know that even many years later, Dale’s time at KSB has a special meaning to him. Let’s see how we can help brighten his day with a letter or an email!
– Dave

My name is Marge Luther and I am writing on behalf of my husband Reverend Dale Luther. 

My husband Dale was chaplain at Kathrine Shaw Bethea Hospital from 1990-1996. In light of his 82nd birthday on January 3, 2014, and due to the fact that he became totally blind in February, 2013, I thought it might be inspiring for him to hear from those who might remember him when he worked there. 

In the 1990s Dale began a chaplaincy program at the Kathrine Shaw Bethea Hospital in Dixon, Illinois. From 1999 through 2005 Dale enjoyed serving as a Chaplain on the Behavioral Medicine and the Intensive Care Units at St. Anthony Hospital in Michigan City, Indiana. 

Prior to being a Chaplain, he served 40 year in the pastoral ministry and 12 years as a Chaplain. Being a Chaplain were some of the most inspiring moments of his ministry. 

Dale Luther
322 Beverly Court
Michigan City, IN  46360

God bless you, 

Marge Luther

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