Tricia Lillyman Makes Christmas Happen For Someone

Part of my message at the Employee Meetings was that miracles happen in the halls of KSB every day.  Sometimes those miracles center around how we take care of each other.  

For a bit of Christmas cheer read this note sent to me by Donna Sandoval.

– Dave

Dear Dave, 
     This past Saturday I needed to
leave early from my scheduled 12 hour shift to attend my family Christmas
celebration. I arranged for one of our prn staff to cover my shift from
3pm-7pm. Before I was finished giving her report we had received 5 admissions from
the emergency room. I was concerned the medication situation would be too
overwhelming for my relief. I called pharmacy at 3:45 pm. Tricia Lillyman
answered the phone and I apprised her of the impending influx of admissions and
thus, orders. Before I could even ask her she said “do you want me to stay?” I
was so thankful for her unselfish offer of assistance. Tricia put our patients
needs before her own and willingly stepped up to the plate when needed. She
then offered me a “Merry Christmas” before hanging up the phone.
     I was going to submit a star card
for her and still may. But I felt it more important that you know what an
outstanding employee you have in Tricia. She is always polite, always
helpful, always happy to help. She is a fine example of the PULSE
of KSB. Her willingness to give more of herself allowed the operations of
KSB to continue to run smoothly behind the scenes. I later realized that
pharmacy really does not receive much limelight and recognition. The arbor
survey does not ask questions regarding pharmacy. Would it be possible to
highlight Tricia Lillyman on one of our boards to recognize and thank her for
her continued exemplary work? 
Merry Christmas,
Donna Sandoval
Nursing Coordinator


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