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On a regular basis I receive amazing letters from patients and their family members describing the work you do.  This one was special, and it resulted in a very pleasant email exchange on a Sunday evening between me and the author.

I thanked her for taking the time to write and I expressed my admiration for the team we have at KSB.  Here’s what she said next:

are so welcome. One more comment from me.  It seems that often people are
quick to criticize and slow to recognize people’s achievements.  I believe
that recognition for giving of one’s gifts, abilities,talents and caring for
one another is extremely important and should be encouraged and passed on. If
you can incorporate my sentiments on this I would appreciate it.”
Here’s the letter.  In only hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed getting it. 
– Dave

Dave Schreiner,

This note
is arriving quite late after the fact but the sincerity with which it is delivered
remains with my highest gratitude beyond the time sensitive nature.
My mother
had triple A surgery performed in Rockford St Anthony’s hospital early November
of 2013.  She was sent to rehab in Amboy,
IL following release to recover.  On the
first night of her stay she was taken by ambulance to Dixon KSB hospital due to
what appeared to be cardiac arrest.  I am
still unsure if it was a heart attack or blood clot to the lung.  What was sure was that her heart was operating
at 20% capacity.  I am remiss that I
cannot recall the emergency room Dr’s name who was wonderful that took care of
her until she was able to proceed to ICU where she had diligent, exemplary care
by the ICU nursing staff. He also followed up with her after which was above
the call of his duty. He was very helpful to me.
Dr Ben
Appenhiemer, son of my mother’s primary care Dr Tim Appenhiemer came on the case.
 I am 58 years old and I can safely say I
have come in contact with 3 other Doctors in all my years that have had a similar
caring, bedside manner of Dr Ben. I truly believe that his caring attention to
my mother was a large part of her recovery and moving on into yet another
rehab.  Dr Ben constantly monitored my
mother and called in what I call the A Team, of which he is a part,  to
bring her through the emergency of life threatening circumstances.  Dr Ben is not only becoming a tremendous
diagnostician; he listens.  He listens to
his patient, he listens to the patient’s family, he listens to the nursing
staff caretakers, he listens to peers and calls on them for their expertise as
well.  He takes care of the whole person,
spiritually; emotionally and physically which makes him, in my opinion, a Dr
who stands out beyond the call of duty even though I truly believe that is what
every Dr should aspire to. Dr Ben helped me get thru the worst of times with my
mother.  She has had many hard health
issues to tackle but this was the hardest yet. When he went on his break, Dr
Asad Jamal, took his place.  Dr Jamal,
with whom I only had brief interaction, also seemed to be a person who would
take the whole person into consideration while under his care.
Dr Ben
called in Dr Strom and Dr El Bzour, who is my mother’s cardiac Dr to consult
and administer to her extreme circumstances. That
is why I call them the A Team.  Together,
they problem solved and brought her thru extreme dire straits.  Doctors El Bzour and Strom also were over the top
with their monitoring of my mother and managing solutions to her health issues.
 They too were kind, caring and once
again listened to their patient and patient’s family. I am extremely grateful
to them. They too went beyond the call of duty.  They did their very best to save her and that
goal was accomplished due to their diligence and expertise.
I am again
remiss in knowing the name of the anesthesiologist.  She was also part of the A Team! She was unbelievably
fantastic.  I believe her expertise
together with the surgeon’s with regards to my mom’s surgery was lifesaving!
When it
came time for my mother to leave the hospital, Julie Ammon with Social Services
came into the picture.  She was a godsend
to me in that she understood the situation, gave expert, caring advice, listened
and truly acted with my mother and our family’s best interest at heart. She
followed thru to the nth degree and found the right rehab for my mother’s
specific needs which has turned out to be just the right choice.
In closing,
I just want to say that what was a harrowing, stressful and emotionally
draining experience for me was made as bearable as something like this could
possibly be due to all the aforementioned professionals.
to them!  I don’t know how I can possibly
thank them any better than to ask you to please recognize them as the
consummate, caring professionals that they are and please let them know that I
will be forever grateful and remember them for their service to my mother and
our family.
With respectful,
grateful regards,
Denice Beggs, Daughter of the Patient
Shared with permission of Mrs. Beggs.
P.S. My
mom is doing best she can, which is better than I might have expected in rehab.   Our
hope is that she will return to her home soon.
let me know that you received. I would not want this to go unrecognized.
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