Reinvented: The Daily Huddle

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Happy New Year! With the changing of the calendar comes a changing of the Daily Huddle.
In the Employee Communication survey you gave us valuable feedback about the Huddle, and we listened.

  1. You said you disliked the canned content we got from an outside organization. It’s gone. In its place is space for your director or supervisor to enter a topic that is directly relevant to you and your department.
  1. You said the Focus of the Day was repetitive. We agree, and we deleted that section.
  1. You said you wanted to know what was happening in a timely manner. We added a “happening @ ksb” section to cover just that.
  1. You said you liked the Quote of the Day, and many departments used it as a trivia challenge to guess who said it. We kept it, and you’ll see all new quotes for 2014

The new Daily Huddle will be simple, quick, and relevant. You’ll get an opportunity to talk as a team every day. Sometimes you’ll have big topics to discuss, like a patient safety initiative. Other days you’ll just touch base on a simple matter, like covering for a coworker who is home with a sick child.
Share your own suggestions and thoughts with your director or supervisor, and help us build a meaningful Daily Huddle that benefits employees and patients.

4 Comments on “Reinvented: The Daily Huddle”

  1. Why do we receive nursing updates on our personal cell phones? These updates and stories are all available on OC. The texts that are received count towards a monthly allowance. KSB did not ask permission to text us.

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