Sharing Good News

One of  my goals is to get out the good news about the miracles that happen every day at KSB.  This blog is one medium, Facebook and Twitter are another.

Over the last several months Marketing Director Tom Demmer has helped me grow my Twitter followers to something north of 400 followers.  He thinks we can get this over 1,000. You can join in by clicking on the link in the left margin.

Why does this matter? It’s an avenue to spread the word about the work you do.  Tell the story of our patients whose expectations you exceed.  Talk about the members of Team KSB that have their own amazing stories to tell.  And I occasionally throw in some personal material and a touch of leadership concepts.

Do you have a story for me to pass along on Twitter?  Remember, keep it to under 140 characters… send it to me through email… and then visit @dlschreiner.

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