Congratulations Young Professionals Group Graduates!

The first Young Professionals Group recently invited their Directors to join them for graduation night.  I could go on forever about the value of the program, but I would rather have you hear their comments:

“I learned how to communicate with my Director.”
“I’ve grown personally.  I’m going back to school!”
“I am going to make myself valuable to the company.”
“I experienced what my Director deals with on a daily basis.”
“I had fun interacting with everyone in the group.”
“This program has broadened my horizons.”
“This program helped me define when to say no and when to say yes.”
“I want to be intentional about what I want to do.”
“I’ve made a lot of friends in the group.”
“After every meeting we would get together and analyze what we heard.”
“My Director sees confidence in me that she didn’t see before.”
“You can be a leader without a name tag or title.”
“Now I wake up thinking ‘What do I have to do to be successful today?'”
“I took something from each meeting and took it back to my department.”
“This opportunity made me rethink my career.”

and finally…

“What I took home?  16 new friends!”

Congratulations graduates.  Please look for the application process to begin soon for the next class, slated to begin this Spring.

– Dave

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