Helping a Team Member Through a Difficult Time

Here is a note from Menchu Danekas, RN from Intensive Care.  It’s difficult to lose a beloved family member, and Team KSB made it slightly easier.  Thanks for all you do, and know that the Menchu and her family are in our thoughts and prayers.
Note:  Reprinted with permission.
– Dave
Dear Dave,
I am writing this letter to express my gratitude to
the whole KSB family. My father in law was admitted Feb 10 -13 due to
hemorrhagic stroke. During his hospital stay, my mom and the rest of the family
was so impressed with the doctors , nurses and CNA’s who took care of him. They
were all patient and attentive to his needs . The nursing staff kept everyone
updated with his plan of care and treatment. My dad was sent to the nursing
home Thursday of that week for Rehab but came back to the hospital Friday night
because of vomiting and weakness. He was again admitted to the medical/ surgical
floor. Again, the family was so impressed 
about the care he received . Everyone 
was so helpful and accommodating. We were even provided with an extra
room for everyone to stay because the waiting room was not enough for the huge
family.  They sent us water, pop and
pizza for the family. The staff kept checking us if we needed anything. My
father in law passed away peacefully , Saturday 
afternoon, Feb. 15, 2014.
> I would like to thanks the ER nurses and CNA’s, Dr.
Belford, nursing Supervisors Missy and Judy, MedSurg RNs Joy, Susan, Beth
(IRT),Brandon, Brad, Nicole, Meagan, Sandy, Bev, CNAs Imelda, Tracie, RTs Lisa
and Dave, Dr. Reckamp and Dr. Rewerski , my ICU family and to everyone (sorry
if I  missed your names). You are indeed
the best. I am proud to be part of the KSB family.
> Menchu Danekas
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