Tuesday the Illinois Hospital Association released this information about Hospital Safety Scores.  Congratulations to all KSB employees for achieving “A” status!  I”m proud of what you do for our patients!!!

– Dave

Leapfrog: Illinois, U.S., Show Improvement
The Leapfrog Group today published its latest Hospital Safety Scores, which assign letter
grades of A, B, C, D, or F, to more than 2,500 participating hospitals
throughout the U.S., based on their ability to prevent errors, injuries and
infections. “An institution could have the best surgeons in the world, but if
the aftercare is lacking and the patient develops an infection as a result,
then the hospital has failed to protect its patient,” says Leapfrog President and
CEO Leah Binder in a news

Illinois showed improved rankings since those released in fall 2013 for 113
hospitals: A-64 hospitals (58 in 2013); B-21 hospitals (28 in 2013); C-22
hospitals (19 in 2013); D-6 hospitals (7 in 2013). Illinois has had no
hospitals receiving an “F.”

Overall, of the 2,522 U.S. hospitals issued a Hospital Safety Score, 804 earned
an “A,” 668 earned a “B,” 878 earned a “C,” 150 earned a “D” and 22 earned an
“F.” There has been a 6.3% mean improvement in hospital performance since 2012.

Click here to see all Illinois Leapfrog hospital scores. 

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