Employees Lead Decision Making

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This week, we’re hosting a series of Employee Forums at the hospital and in the clinics as a part of our ongoing communication efforts. If you attended a forum, thanks for your participation.

Good communication is a two-way street, and we appreciate you listening and asking questions.
There’s one thing in particular I’d like to highlight: your fellow employees on the Fund Development Committee were leaders for these forums.
Over the past several months, your peers on the Fund Development Committee met with a goal of collecting donations to support employee wellness. They decided to use this year’s efforts to renovate the walking track and add exercise equipment to clinics.
Thank you to the Fund Development Committee for leading this important initiative–and thank you to all of you who are choosing to support employee wellness by donating time or money to this project.

3 Comments on “Employees Lead Decision Making”

  1. Thank you Fund Development Committee! Your committment shows in your presentation and excitement.

  2. In regards to the idea of cleaning up the walking track, maybe if some of the items that are in the middle of the walking that can not be used through out the KSB hospital, the Fund committee would be able to sell some of the items to the employees and use the profits from that to go to their project.

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