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In this week’s Employee Forums, we’re asking you several questions about our strategic plan and about how KSB should position itself in the future.

One of those questions is: “What new service line should KSB offer?”

I know you only get about 30 seconds to think about the answer during the forum, so I decided to open a little contest here on The Pulse. After you’ve had some time to think, what new ideas do you have for services that KSB should offer?

Comment on this post with your name and you’ll be entered to win a $25 gift certificate to a restaurant of your choice.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 19:41h, 15 September Reply

    I think an outpatient Breastfeeding Center is a great idea! There are SO MANY needs for mothers/families after discharge. From selling pump parts to checking weights and latches, monthly meetings, even a Facebook page monitored by the CLC's!
    Outpatient BFing centers are becoming very popular. Check out Kishwaukee Hosp…

  • Alicia Carlson
    Posted at 20:45h, 15 September Reply

    I think there are a lot of people that would utilize a Chiropractor at KSB. Possibly our own Dermatologist would be great as well. We could have an area that has a Chiropractor, Dermatologist, and Massage therapist(s) all in one area. You could get your back adjusted, get a massage, or get a facial from your dermatologist all in one area. I think it would be appealing and convenient to the community and employees alike.

  • Leanne Tang
    Posted at 13:45h, 16 September Reply

    It’s not really a new service, but current services should be promoted to employees more. Such as, hearing testing, hearing aids, vision testing, physical therapies, shoe inserts, allergy shots, immunizations/flu shots, etc. If employees are more aware of what our hospital offers, they will be able to better suggest to patients, family members and friends to come to KSB for whatever service might be necessary.

  • Melanie
    Posted at 13:08h, 17 September Reply

    I agree on the need for a dermatologist. It would be nice to have one that is reimbursed at the 90% level for employees. I also agree with Leanne that we could promote our current services more as well. Our department has many specialties that are offered, lymphedema, women's health, Parkinson's, etc.

  • Menchu Danekas
    Posted at 04:00h, 18 September Reply

    I think we should have a daycare/nightcare center for employee's kids for staff that works day or night shifts. I think it would benefit the employee and the hospital as well specially if the hospital has staffing needs. This would limit worries from staff as where to leave their kids when they are asked to work .

  • Karra Hague
    Posted at 23:33h, 18 September Reply

    I believe a wound care clinic would be a great addition to our hospital. With the elderly poplulation growing, more and more wounds seem to be popping up.

    I know that we have a great wound care team here and that has helped with prevention and treatment with admissions. I think we could get better results of healing wounds in the community if we had a specialty clinic.

  • Beth Popovich
    Posted at 10:45h, 19 September Reply

    I think a wound care center would be beneficial to our patients. Many patients have chronic wounds that need regular care. Specialized training could be offered to employees that would be working with these patients. Not only would wounds be treated with expertise, we could also focus on prevention of further wounds.

  • Danielle O
    Posted at 21:53h, 19 September Reply

    This is not a service we should offer, but we should think about changing how we dial to get an outside line (i.e. 9-9-1-area code-number). There are many times one accidently dials 911. Could we change this to 8-8? This would limit the times the police department has to come and check on a phone call that was accidently dialed. Just a thought

  • Annette Swift
    Posted at 11:45h, 21 September Reply

    I like the idea of a chiropractor and massage therapist on site

  • Pam Shore
    Posted at 14:24h, 22 September Reply

    I think a delivery service from the cafeteria would be nice. Not only to employees at different locations like Town Square or Edwards, but maybe even to the elderly in the winter time who cannot get out to get a good meal or to patients who are discharged to home that can't make their own meals yet.

  • Connie Leffelman
    Posted at 14:50h, 22 September Reply

    I think we could service the community better if our doctors along with their specialties were in the phonebook/yellow pages. We have a great number of ederly in our community and surrounding area that have no computers and rely on their phonebook.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 16:08h, 22 September Reply

    I agree with Leanne's comment have thoughts to expand that thinking:

    Seeking to add new services is a good idea but I think many departments already have services that are underutilized because too few people are aware that they are available at KSB. I suggest every department look at underutilized services and the hospital work on making it known to employees and the public that these services are available. Educating our own employees about all the services KSB can provide is a very low cost way to increase revenue. Every employee has family, friends and neighbors that might need services KSB already provides. Let’s work on making our employee base a great source of info to the public. The same efforts could be extended to marketing to the public. Poll department heads and staff and I suspect a long list of services could be developed that would be source of in-house and public marketing.

    Finding a new service not already provided in our area is a good idea, and should be sought out, but the cost and time to develop that can be extensive. Looking inward at current services is low cost and immediate.

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