Thank You from the ED Staff

We, the ED staff on 9/11, would like to THANK ALL
of you who helped during our multi victim car accident.
Donna Sandoval, nursing coordinator, did a
fantastic job of pulling staff and equipment for our use.  We started a “star card” but after we all
talked, realized there were far too many people to put on a card.
While we could never thank each one, as so
many things happened that we aren’t even aware of, we would like to try.
Thank you to all of the staff that stayed
past their normal work day: Annette-registration, Shonda- ED tech, Martin- ED
tech, Alysse- RN fourth floor, Tina- CNA IRT, Mel Noon- ED director, Julie and
Sue from social services, and x-ray/CT techs. 
Jackie Troutman for sitting with a child who was in a room by
herself.  Officer Mike Wolfley who showed
up in ER just to help.  Sara Fordham ER
RN who came back in when called.  Misty
Buskohl- ER RN who came from home when called. 
Beth Papovich- RN IRT who was awoken to a phone call and came in.  OR staff who came down as extra hands, Dr.’s
Powers, Player, Upputuri, and Patel who came when called, no questions
asked.  All of the nursing staff who came
down to assist and were an important part in our taking care of this influx of
patients.  Vinnie Marrandino whose
presence is always needed in times like this. 
All of the respiratory techs as we stole you from the rest of the
hospital, and last but not least housekeeping who helped us put the place back
together as things slowed down.
I am
sure I have missed someone but please know, this is why this is such a great
place to work… The compassion, dedication and skill that we possess makes a
difference in the lives of those we serve.  
  • Donna Sandoval RN
    Posted at 13:14h, 25 September Reply

    I could not leave that night without letting Dave Schreiner know what a fabulous team effort I witnessed that evening. Kudos to all who were involved either directly or indirectly. If I have not thanked you personally thus far, consider this a big THANKS for all you do every day!

  • Ashley Fauble
    Posted at 01:28h, 27 September Reply

    I would also like to Thank everyone who came and helped! A huge Thank You to our ED staff for doing an outstanding job pulling together as a team!

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