Social Success

What do some of today’s most successful companies, like Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, and others, have in common? Their success is social. The past several years have brought a revolution in our ability to be social, that is, our ability to connect with others. But being social is not a new ability. In fact, it’s so easy the cavemen could do it. We have always looked for connections with other people to share ideas, opinions, and information. The internet simply allows us to share our thoughts with a much wider audience. We can send messages, ask questions, post reviews, and find references on any topic.

How can KSB find success in being social? You hold the key. We each have our own social network. Some of us use Facebook, Twitter, or other networks. Some of us write reviews or contribute information to healthcare websites. Others offer advice and counsel when talking with friends and family. We can bring success to KSB by promoting the great things our coworkers do every day. Think of physicians, nurses, and staff who you admire and respect–those you’d send your own family members to see. Think of how successful we could be if we all shared those referrals with our own social connections.

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