Are You A Problem Solver?

Suzanne Ravlin passed this along to me from a Studer Group publication.  Where do you usually stand in supporting your leader?
– Dave
Do you consider the boss the
organization’s official “problem solver”? Many employees do. When things aren’t
going well, what is your first impulse? Do you immediately drop the problem in
the manager’s lap? Or do you try to figure out your own solution?
Reason #1: Like you (and almost everyone), the boss is really
busy. Maybe they’re even overwhelmed. The more you can help the boss keep their
to-do list manageable, the more effective they’ll be overall. Plus, they’ll
appreciate your willingness to take the initiative and to think creatively.
Reason #2: You are closer to the problem than the boss is. You’ve
probably been thinking about it for a long time. Therefore, it stands to reason
that you can come up with a better solution than they can—or at least a good
“starting point” for a solution.
Reason #3: You’re truly showing ownership of your area of
responsibility. This contributes to a more entrepreneurial culture—which in
turn creates a stronger, more innovative, more resilient company.
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