Thanks for … a bill???

How many of us get excited when we reach our hand into our mailbox and pull out… a bill?  We work hard for our money and it’s no fun to pass along those dollars to someone else.

Our goal at KSB Hospital is to produce an accurate bill in a timely fashion.  It is our responsibility to be fairly reimbursed for the work we do, so we can invest those dollars in equipment, facilities, education, and yes… payroll.
It’s no secret that getting out an accurate bill in a timely fashion has been challenging over the last two years.  Due to many reasons, and in spite of incredibly hard work by many people, often we have not met our customer’s expectations. 
I want to share some information that suggests we are turning the corner. (NOTE:  “turning the corner” does not imply that we have worked our way through all the issues.  Many people are working hard on continuing our progress.)
This graph shows a dramatic improvement in our revenue cycle over the last four months.  The two lines coming together on the right is evidence that our billing professionals are improving registration accuracy and identifying candidates eligible for charity care and/or financial assistance.
It takes a concerted effort from Registration, Coding and Patient Accounts to get better.   That’s been a tough job for our colleagues in these areas for quite some time.  Join me in giving them a pat on the back and thanking them for the important work they do.
It’s improving, and that’s good news.  And that means our customers get better bills.
Even if they still don’t want to see them in their mailbox. 
– Dave
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  • Diane
    Posted at 18:52h, 13 May Reply

    It truly is a group effort – glad to see that everyones hard work is turning KSB around for better patient satisfaction – Keep up all the good work everyone!!

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