Take The E-mail Etiquette Pledge

One definition of lean is removing anything from a process that does not add value to the patient.  How do we make email a positive tool and not a distraction from the real work of serving our patients?

How about this pledge:

Take The E-mail Etiquette Pledge

As a concerned KSB employee who enjoys communicating with technology in
an informed and courteous manner; who wants to add value to the patient experience, I hereby take the following E-mail Etiquette

  • I will do my best and make an effort to learn about and follow proper E-mail  Etiquette
    so I can communicate with courtesy and clarity so as to avoid
    misunderstandings. E-mail is not just about me — it is about the person
    on the other side of the screen as well!
  • I will do my best to ensure I don’t hide behind this screen to say
    and do things I would otherwise not do if face-to-face with those I
    e-mail. I will type to others as I would have them type unto me!
  • I will do my best to make an effort to understand technology enough
    to be able to use it properly so that my lack of knowledge doesn’t have a
    negative impact on those I communicate with.

By taking the above simple pledge, I hope to help encourage other
onliners to not use this wonderful technology as an excuse to be lazy or
not do what is right but rather as a reason to reach out and
communicate as educated, civil, caring and courteous human beings.

Are you with me?

– Dave
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  • Barb Stockton
    Posted at 18:03h, 29 May Reply

    Good stuff Dave, thank you!

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