Teamwork with our Doctors: Focus on OB/GYN and GI

This week I was fortunate enough to participate in two meetings that made me especially proud of the environment and culture we have at KSB Hospital.  They both addressed our “Big Rock” of patient access that drives organizational success.
At noon a group of hospital leaders met with our OB/GYN physicians.  Their ideas, input and suggestions about how to keep patients from KSB’s service area in town were comprehensive and creative.  Working together with our mid-level providers, we offer an amazing service.  With a group of wonderful doctors like this it truly makes me wonder why patients would seek care anywhere else.
The second experience happened that afternoon, this time with our GI doctors.  Again we brainstormed about ways to increase access, provide greater call coverage, and keep people from Lee and Ogle counties at KSB. Again I heard actionable ideas that will accomplish our collective goals. The pride that Drs. Wong and Mustapha have in the important work they do makes me very proud of the services KSB offers to our patients.  The assistance from Drs. Powers, Player and Osmani round out our GI offerings.
Many hospitals spend a considerable amount of time fighting with their doctors.  It’s an amazing culture we have with the men and women that take care of our patients.
And I’ll never take that for granted.

– Dave
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