Why Did You Choose KSB?

This week saw several new employees welcomed to the KSB Family.  I have the opportunity to speak with them in the first hour of the first day of their employment.
The first question I always ask is “Why did  you choose KSB?”.

Their answer mirrored the response from early orientation class:

  • “Everybody smiles at me when I walk through the hallways.”
  • “People at KSB like their jobs.”
  • “The employees seem to genuinely like their co-workers.”
Hey, let’s be honest here…  working in a hospital is tough.  It’s emotional, it’s physically demanding, the hours are long and the pressures can be relentless.  
And it’s that way because the work we do matters.  The patients that entrust us with caring for them need us to be great every day… and more often than not you exceed all expectations.
Thank you for setting KSB Hospital apart from the competition.  As always… It’s the People!

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