Cheers for our Cardiac Cath Team!

Check out this wonderful note from Candis about our Cath Team.
From: Albrecht, Candis
Sent: Wednesday, July 15, 2015 11:04 AM
To: Scheffler, Jill; Pfoutz, Val
Subject: to brighten the day


last few weeks (ok maybe months) have been very stressful for everyone in
covering the cath lab nurse shortages. I know my self that I have been
less that a “happy camper” over the last few weeks. I appreciate all
you to do as our bosses to try to run your own units while
taking on an area that is not yours. 
I had a post cath patient who was here on Friday and on Monday
for two separate procedures. (and if anyone can recall, Monday
and Friday were very dramatic days with staff and etc) I had
the privilege of being both his cath lab nurse and ICU nurse today on
his second visit. The patients wife pulled me aside and asked for the cath
lab staff and ICU staff names that cared for him. She was so overwhelmed with
the kindness and great care her husband received that she felt we needed to be
recognized for our hard work. This was an eye opener for me. That sometimes all
it takes is a willing heart to serve and love to make a difference, even when
we didn’t want to. Sometimes we cannot be thanked enough for what we
do, but making our patients happy customers is a great reminder of the
difference we truly do make! I hope this brightens your day as it did
mine 🙂 Please feel free to share with anyone else we have an amazing team!!!!!!

Candis Albrecht

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