KSB Fund Development – Employee Driven and Employee Led

The KSB Employee Fundraising Campaign, in it’s second year, is new to all of us.  This effort has prompted some great questions.

One of those questions is why we are relying on the campaign to purchase what looks like routine medical equipment.  Here are some thoughts from Fund Development Director Eric Seling:

KSB is in the midst of creating and launching a robust fund development plan that incorporates, employees, businesses and community members.  The internal fundraising component of that fundraising plan, the Employee Fund Campaign, serves a crucial role as strong participation from our employees signals to the outside community that the employees of KSB believe in and are willing to support KSB.  The employee fund campaign is not, and never will be, designed to supplant hospital equipment funding.

The Fund Development Committee, over a course of multiple meetings, made the decision to use donated funds from this year’s campaign to purchase equipment above and beyond what is already provided in the clinics and hospital.  As the group was attempting to determine what would benefit our patients and team, as well as encourage a high-level of participation amongst our employees, they decided on purchasing supplementary equipment.  While many other hospitals run internal campaigns to grow endowment funds, the Fund Development Committee felt it would be exciting for our employees to be able to directly see and feel the results of their collective contributions this year.

It is important to note that the decision of which equipment to purchase is left entirely up to the Fund Development Committee; which consists of representatives from dietary, the emergency department, nursing, human resources, med/surg, marketing, clinic operations, quality, purchasing, behavioral health and community wellness.  The administrative team is not involved nor directing any of those decisions so you can be assured that money raised from employee contributions is not taking the place of direct KSB spending on equipment.  I believe strongly that our team provides the necessary equipment for our employees to do a great job.  Should you feel that equipment is lacking and not allowing you to successfully complete your job, I would encourage you to immediately bring that to the attention of your Director.

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