Population Health Management: When A Hospital Is More Than A Building

When most of us think of a hospital, we think of the bricks and mortar that make up the institution. We think of the people that care for our loved ones in a bright, clean setting at that place over at 403 East First Street in Dixon.
But today’s healthcare organization has expanded well beyond the walls of the hospital.  In today’s world, here at KSB Hospital, 28 percent of our revenue comes from inpatient care (health services delivered in the hospital).  The remaining 72 percent  reflects care delivered on an outpatient basis and in our clinics (services from doctors’ offices, imaging centers, etc.)  These numbers signify the healthcare industry’s ongoing change, from its traditional focus on inpatient care to outpatient care.
Much of the quality data available online focuses on inpatient care, and that certainly reflects the most intense, sickest patients who have the highest risk.
Our job is the role of “population health management,” as it has become known.  This means being proactive in working with our communities to keep people well, or as KSB’s mission statement reads, “to enhance health.”  Population health management means providing care in more convenient ways, so patients don’t come to the ER if an urgent care clinic could solve their problem, for example.
That building on First Street is a necessary component of the infrastructure our community needs to lead healthier lives.  But it’s the KSB clinic in your neighborhood that, we hope, keeps you away from there.
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