Community Wellness at KSB by KSB Vice President of Business Development Kevin Marx

LindaIn 2013, KSB Hospital undertook its first formal Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). Using evidence- based indicators of health status, a steering committee worked with hospital staff to identify and prioritize opportunities to influence and improve our community’s wellness through programming and interventions offered outside the hospital walls.

Under the leadership of our Community Wellness Department, we are creating specific activities to address the health needs which were identified in the CHNA. Below are the selected priority need areas in 2015, followed by some examples of our efforts. Be on the look out for these initiatives — and if you have ideas that could help us get even more involved in the community, please let us know:

  1. Obesity Education and Prevention

– Networking with other local organizations to encourage the development of community gardens in order to expand access to healthy foods.
– Offering multiple sessions of Move to Win, a weight loss competition with educational videos and other resources.
– Continuing to support the Reagan 5-K Run / Walk to encourage participation in healthy activities.

  1. Prevention and Reduction of Tobacco Use

– Educating physicians on the availability of smoking-cessation resources for their patients.
– Offering a public seminar on the health risks related to the use of tobacco.

  1. Improved Community Awareness of Health Resources

– Participating in community events and festivals to educate attendees on health services available at KSB and from other resources.

  • Utilizing social media to encourage the use of available preventive health screenings and other early detection opportunities.

2016 brings another opportunity to refresh our focus, as we are scheduled to complete another Community Health Needs Assessment. Using the results of this upcoming study, KSB Hospital will identify new strategies to address the health needs of our community, by strengthening our presence in the community.

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