Keeping Care Affordable at KSB – by KSB Chief Administrative Officer Julie Mann

ihi-triple-aimAt KSB, we understand our role is to be here for the community we serve. After all, our mission is to restore, maintain and enhance the health of the community.

There are many moving parts to carrying out this mission. In order to make a difference in your lives, we must focus on the things that matter — like providing superior care, recruiting and maintaining outstanding caregivers, and providing them with the high-quality tools and equipment they need.
All of this requires continual investment. Innovations in medicine have improved recovery and quality of life for millions of people, but those same advances have also made healthcare expensive.

We also recognize that it is our job to provide this superior care at an affordable cost to those who can pay, while offering charity care for those who can’t. KSB continually looks for ways to reduce expenses without compromising care. Just as you make changes at home when your income and expenses don’t match, we too have to look at our expenses. While you may change your cable package or renegotiate your cell phone plan, we are taking a close look at our own contracts and supplies to ensure we’re getting the best deal on the things we really need. We’re evaluating staffing plans and looking for cross-training opportunities.

My point is this: KSB wants to be here for our community, now and in the future. Patients and their families are our number one priority, and you have our commitment that we will continue to evaluate ways to provide you the best care at a reasonable cost.

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