KSB and Sauk Valley C.C. – A History of Our Healthy Partnership

19424250Sauk Valley Community College and KSB have become two distinct landmarks situated within the Sauk Valley. While both institutions provide entirely separate services, their core missions and strategic visions are deeply rooted within serving our community and improving the quality of the many lives that reside within it. KSB accomplishes this by providing exceptional healthcare and service, while Sauk Valley Community College focuses on providing access to higher education and feeding the workforce pipeline.

Over the years, Sauk Valley Community College has had a rich history of collaborating with KSB to stay current in today’s rapidly -evolving healthcare trends, provide oversight to curricula, and enable the college to build the very best professionals to serve KSB and its many patients that have come to experience quality healthcare at their facilities. These professionals include the many successful graduates in Sauk Valley’s nursing and radiologic technology programs. In addition, many KSB professionals and Sauk Valley graduates attain roles outside of healthcare, as KSB provides exceptional career opportunities to many professional business, computer/networking, and human services, just to name a few.

Our community should have high standards and accountability measures for its many community services. One of these metrics should focus on cultivating partnerships that enhance the lives of others. KSB and Sauk Valley Community College have long demonstrated a steadfast commitment to this philosophy, which will guide us in our future initiatives. The future is bright in healthcare as considerable growth is expected before 2020. To prepare for this, Sauk Valley Community College and KSB are preparing today for tomorrow’s demands and expectations. The strength of this dynamic partnership will be unwavered in this focus.

Higher education and healthcare are in a time of great transformation. Services are being enhanced, state-of-the-art technologies are continually being introduced, and data-driven decisions are now helping navigate the seas of change. Change will only bring about opportunities for continuous improvement and new, improved visions. It has been a great 50 years of collaboration with KSB, and the next 50 years promise to be even more exciting as we continue our healthy partnership and embark upon new endeavors to serve the community with excellence.

Jon Mandrell, Ed.D
Dean of Academics and Student Services
Sauk Valley Community College

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