12 Things You Didn’t Know KSB Offers – Part 2

Earlier this week I published a listing of services offered right here in Dixon at KSB Hospital.  The list was too extensive for one post, so please enjoy the second portion giving you even more reasons to “Shop Local.”

7. eICU

KSB is working with OSF to establish an eICU, or Electronic Intensive Care Unit. An eICU is a type of telemedicine that will provide us an additional layer of expert medical and nursing support for the critically ill patient. The eICU will be staffed by intensivists and other experienced critical care RN’s in Peoria. The eICU uses intelligent software with built-in clinical decision-making software that will help identify early, subtle changes in a patient’s condition. The benefits of having an eICU include 24/7 nursing support with the push of a button, improvement in our core measures (which ultimately increases our value-based purchasing score), and most importantly, the ability to detect subtle changes in vital signs and labs before potential patient complications arise.

8. Emergent Stroke Ready Hospital

Did you know KSB is a designated ‘Emergent Stroke Ready Hospital?’ This means KSB Hospital has met requirements in accordance with state law. KSB Hospital recently reviewed its emergent stroke care policies to align with nationally recognized, evidence-based guidelines for excellent patient care.

9. Collaborative Care Clinic

Population-based healthcare delivery models (such as Patient Centered Medical Home) emphasize novel principles such as expanded patient access and collaboration between healthcare professionals. In this spirit, Joyce Johnson, MD and Bryan Zobeck, Pharm.D. are initiating a Collaborative Care Clinic at our Family Health Center designed to formally utilize expertise of multiple healthcare professionals simultaneously to improve patient care and expand patient access. Patients with stable, chronic conditions will be enrolled in the clinic and will be seen by both the pharmacist and physician at each visit. Our goal here is to increase access to care for patients, expand the impact of our providers within an underserved area, and provide high-quality, evidence-based patient care.

10. Interdisciplinary Care Team (IDT)

When you’re an inpatient at KSB Hospital, did you know multiple clinicians are overseeing your case on a daily basis? We have moved from IDT meetings to IDT meetings at the bedside. Now, rather than all meeting in a room to review a patients case, all clinicians come to the patients bedside to include the patient in their care plan. This allows greater opportunity to verify medications, feelings, and treatment with the patient. This greatly increased compliance with our patients and decreases the chance for error.

11. KSB Outpatient Counseling Services

The mission of KSB Hospital is to restore, maintain, and enhance the health of our community. Our Behavioral Healthcare staff are dedicated to meeting the needs of the community in a safe, confidential, and supportive environment. Our outpatient services include individual therapy, mental health assessments, group therapy, and medication counseling. Sue Hefflelfinger, Ph.D., has extensive experience in Cognitive Behavior Therapy and treatment of anxiety in children, adolescents, and adults. She is also skilled in coaching parent skills training for ADHD and school/behavior issues.

 12. Home Visits for OB Patients

In the first few days after a mom and baby leave the hospital, many changes happen. During the postpartum newborn home visit, the nurse will come to your home and make sure you and your baby are doing well. KSB BirthPlace will coordinate a nursing visit to a new moms home usually within the first few days of leaving the hospital. The goal is to check mom and baby’s health, answer questions about health concerns or infant care, and if needed, arrange ongoing support through community services. This is to help keep the mom at ease so she can enjoy her time with her new baby at home.

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