12 Things You Didn’t Know KSB Offers – Part 1

“Shop Local” is a theme you hear from local retailers, but one you may not expect from your local healthcare provider.  Here is the first in a two-part series describing services that KSB Hospital offers right here in your community.
1. Sleep Studies
Do you wake up in the morning feeling like you just didn’t get a good night’s sleep? Do you snore, sleepwalk, or wake up frequently during the night? You may benefit from a sleep study conducted right here at KSB’s state-of-the-art Sleep Lab. You’ll lie down for a normal night’s sleep in one of our comfortable, clean bedrooms while our certified staff monitor data feeds coming from in-room monitors. We can diagnose common sleep problems and help you make changes to get more out of your sleep and feel better all day long.
2. Diabetes Management
Nearly 10% of all Americans have diabetes, and the number of newly diagnosed patients increases each year. Diabetes also accounts for $245 billion in healthcare spending in the United States. The Center for Diabetes Management at KSB helps those who have been diagnosed manage their diabetes, and offers preventative strategies and screenings to help those who may be at risk of developing diabetes. You’ll find knowledgeable, experienced professionals in the Diabetes Center who can help you identify your potential risk, make lifestyle changes, or manage the treatment of your diabetes.
3. Corporate Wellness Programs
Wellness is about more than eating a healthy meal or going jogging. It’s also about using screening tools to identify potential risks, engaging with friends and co-workers to support each other, and understanding what programs and services are available to you. That’s why KSB partners with local employers to offer on-site health risk assessments, screenings, and annual wellness programs. We take pride in designing custom services in conjunction with our partners to ensure employees remain as healthy and productive as possible. Ask your employer about bringing KSB Corporate Wellness services to you and your co-workers.
4. Varicose Vein Improvements
Did you know that varicose veins are more than just a cosmetic nuisance? They may be an indication of chronic venous insufficiency, or CVI. In fact, 20% of the general population suffer from varicose veins or CVI. Thanks to a new partnership with Covidien, KSB now offers the Venefit therapy procedure to precisely and effectively treat patients with CVI or varicose veins. The KSB Cardiology Rehab and Office team recently worked with Monther El Bzour, MD, a KSB cardiologist, to bring the first patient relief using the Venefit procedure.
5. Hearing Aids
Do you have trouble hearing things you used to have no problem with? Is it difficult for you to hear conversations over background noise? You may benefit from a consultation with KSB Audiologist Bill Hudson, Au.D. With more than 30 years of experience, he can assess your hearing ability and recommend hearing aids, if needed. With sophisticated diagnostic tools, the team in KSB Audiology can help you regain the ability to hear well.

6. Home Health Care
Did you know KSB Home Care clinicians provide skilled care in the comfort of the patient’s home as ordered by their physician? Our goal is to maintain and improve your health to keep you independent in your home. We accomplish this through education and patient involvement. Our team works together to provide you with coordinated, quality care. We offer a wide range of home care services including: nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social services, and home health aides.


Surprised yet? Well, check back on Thursday for the rest of the story!
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