The President’s Office – by Assistant to the CEO Michele Carr

Receiving a call from the “president’s office” is often compared to being called in by “the principal,” and it can cause an unsettling feeling. In fact, my first experience with this was for an interview for my current position, Administrative Assistant to the CEO. And, although it was more than 20 years ago, I still recall that uneasy feeling.

At KSB, however, I can tell you that the exact opposite is true — at least that is my goal as the keeper of this door! I would like to say that, even if someone comes in with that uneasy feeling, it is immediately minimized. Everyone is welcomed with a smile or a handshake and an offer of something to drink. They are offered a comfortable seat until their scheduled appointment with Mr. Schreiner, and we chat to put them at ease during their short wait. (And I mean short, because he is extremely punctual — just one example of his professionalism and respect for others’ personal time. You can literally set your watch by him!)

When Mr. Schreiner enters, everyone is warmly greeted again, and he makes sure I have done my job in offering something to drink before entering his office.

These may seem like small gestures, but they are symbolic of something bigger and something that we take great pride in: making people feel comfortable while they are here. At KSB, this is not limited to the “president’s office.” It may start at the top, but making people feel comfortable while taking care of them is what the people at KSB do every day, every time someone enters these doors!

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  • John Thompson
    Posted at 09:51h, 30 October Reply

    Michele… you are always very accommodating and I have often observed everything happening as you say in this article. It has always been a pleasure calling in, or being called in, to the “president’s office” at KSB whether it is to visit with Dave or back in the day with Darryl. Keep up the good work! – John Thompson.

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