Welcome to KSB – By Professional Development Group Member Alicia Carlson

Ever wonder why the friendly faces at Check-In are ALWAYS asking the same monotonous questions and ALWAYS seem to want yet ANOTHER copy of those pesky insurance cards?

There is a valid explanation to this tedious rigmarole.

A proper Check-In is a crucial component to the success of the billing process. In this day and age, information can change in a heartbeat. In the Patient Access department, we take a proactive approach to staying ahead of the game in keeping with the most up-to-date information. No two accounts are the same, and there is no cookie-cutter way to check in a patient.

Whether you were just here last week, or this is your first time allowing us the pleasure of your acquaintance, we will ask if you have moved or updated your address. We do this to verify that we have the proper address to get your statement to you. When we ask if your visit is related to a work-related injury or motor vehicle accident, we are making sure that your visit is being billed to the proper place. When you feel we are being a bit nosey by asking when you or your spouse may have retired, we are asking these questions to confirm that we are allocating your insurance policies in the correct order to ensure that billing is being processed as it should.

Our goal is simple. We are here for you. By verifying your information each and every time, we are checking one more thing off of your list to worry about. We are the first to care for you when you come to KSB, and we strive to make each and every experience an accurate and positive one.

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