Changes and Challenges in healthcare today and how KSB is working to maintain its commitment to quality… by KSB Quality Director Mary Ann Green

qualityPatients come to KSB Hospital to feel better. Quality is assumed.

As the new Director of Quality/Medical Staff at KSB Hospital, it is my job to make sure that assumption is correct.

As a newcomer to this community, I am so happy to have found a very compassionate, quality-driven organization that focuses on its journey to becoming a Top 100 hospital in the country.  It is refreshing and exciting to witness the commitment of KSB to be a leader in healthcare services and a leader in quality healthcare results, as challenging as it can be.

One challenge in healthcare is the continuing mandates for data reporting and collection.  KSB is transparent in our delivery of care and our results.  Our priority regarding quality data is to analyze continually to determine how it impacts our patients. For KSB, it is most important to be proactive in our care and not wait on data. One example of this proactive approach is KSB’s Internal Disciplinary Team, known as IDT. This collection of professionals are not just a team, but a program KSB created to ensure that our patients are involved in their care. Treatment is designed based on evidence-based models of care.  The program is built to provide an entire picture of the care a patient is receiving at KSB Hospital. IDT meets on a daily basis to discuss the best treatment and care for each patient.  The most influential staff that impact a patient’s quality of care make up the IDT.  It includes a physician, nurse, social worker, and pharmacist.  It enables us to look at the full care of our patient and discuss the best treatment for the individual patient.

It is clear that KSB Physicians, Staff, and Volunteers are 100% committed to providing “Superior Care”. There are constant challenges and changes in the way that quality is collected and analyzed in our industry.  Our Quality Department will continue analyzing data, but most importantly, we will continue to find ways and teams like IDT that are proven to have the best impact on our patients individual care and outcomes.

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  • Kara Grot
    Posted at 11:47h, 07 November Reply

    Definitely impressed with the IDT approach and that there is a pharmacist involved in the process too!

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