Improving care to ICU patients – by Professional Development Group Member Becca Demmer, R.N.

ICUEarly next year, our ICU will launch an exciting new program to enhance patient care. The eICU program, which is a partnership with OSF, will incorporate telemedicine into our bedside care. Three of our ICU rooms will have cameras and TVs that dedicated to eICU. KSB staff will be able to see and talk to an intensivist physician on the TV, and the physician will be able to see what is being done as it is happening. This technology will be especially useful in emergency situations.

The eICU service will be available from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. Monday through Friday, and around the clock on weekends and holidays. It will allow patients to have their needs met as quickly as possible, despite the time of day. The eICU will enhance the care that the patient’s attending physicians provide to them during weekdays.

KSB will represent 3 of the 139 beds that OSF’s eICU service covers. Goals of this program are to support bedside staff, identify trends and prevent problems, and promote the practice of evidence-based medicine. Studies have found that the incorporation of eICU can reduce mortality and length of stay in the hospital, increase adherence to critical care best practices, and reduce complication rates. We look forward to working closely with OSF’s eICU staff. This partnership will make the excellent care that we already offer to our ICU patients even better.

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