Who makes up KSB Hospital’s board of directors?

KSB_012815_04“This ordinance, dated November 1, 1895, stated that the Mayor, with the approval of the City Council, appoint a board of nine women directors chosen from the citizens at large, which would be authorized to accept the donations of money and real or personal property in the name of the hospital.”

Some things have changed since that original charter written 120 years ago creating the first board of directors for KSB Hospital. Today’s board is comprised of four women and seven men.

And we still accept the donations of money and real or personal property!

Here are the dedicated men and women that serve on KSB Hospital’s board of directors along with the year they joined the board:

Joan Melzer, Farmer from Dixon, 1987

Tom Suits, Attorney from Polo, 1995

Rick Curia, Business Owner from Dixon, 2005

Bill LeFevre, Banker from Grand Detour, 2005

Colleen Henkel, Banker from Amboy, 2008

Doug Lee, Attorney from Dixon, 2012

Ray Neisewander III, Business Owner from Dixon, 2012

Joe Welty, M.D., Family Medicine Physician, 2012

Katie Pratt, Farmer from Dixon, 2014

Lynn Knodle, Hospice Director from Oregon, 2015

David Schreiner, Hospital President and CEO

Thank you for your service to the communities we serve!

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